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Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

Hi, My name is Liz & I'm addicted to tumblr & Instagram. :D So follow me @unicornprincessss If you don't like what I post well thats too fucking bad because this is my blog & I'll post whatever I want.

I’m surprised I don’t get alcohol poisoning with how much I drink in a night

Not only do I barely remember last night & I failed to get me & Kayla home & we crashed at Richards I obviously drank way more vodka than I ever have because I blacked out most of the night & I got car sick the next day while on a road trip with my family & I puked 5 times. Well atleast all the vodka is out my system now lol I feel great now that I puked which was nasty. My parents didn’t even care I was drinking they said next time don’t drink soo much & not eat lol oops on the food oh well #yolo

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